…. to the Revival School! It has been running since 2014, first in Duisburg and then in various other cities in Germany. After a short break of two years, we are now starting again with a new format, new content and new vigour. And because revival is a lifestyle, we look forward to discovering this lifestyle together and putting it into practice in everyday life.

Revival School aims to foster a firm biblical foundation along with a deep assurance of one’s identity in Christ, empowering to live a naturally supernatural life in the Spirit. It is bilingual (will be held in English and German)

The Revival School is led by Martin Spreer. Martin is married to Heike, who has been running schools for prophecy since 2015. Together they have five children. Martin made his decision for Jesus in 1987. Martin has been working directly in church ministry since 2002. He pastored Christus Gemeinde Duisburg for over 17 years and has been the pastor of Hope Church in Munich since August 2023.

Together with a team, the Revival School is run from Munich, both on site and as an online school for participants from further afield.

You can find out exactly how this works on this website.

The Revival School will be held once a month over nine months on a Saturday from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm. The first day of class is Saturday, October 26, 2024 and the last day of class is Saturday, June 28, 2025. The lessons take place on site in Munich in the rooms of the Hope Church (Evangeliumszentrum) at Ingolstädter Straße 43, 80807 Munich. If possible, on-site participation is recommended, simply because a great deal of interaction naturally takes place when we are together.

Classes are held on the following Saturdays: 26.10.24 ||23.11.24. || 21.12.24. || 25.01.25 || 22.02.25 || 22.03. || 26.04. || 24.05. || 28.06.

There will normally be three teaching units on a teaching day, a lunch break in between and enough space for questions and answers as well as activation or joint discussion related to the respective content.

Participation in the Revival School is also possible online. The lessons are broadcast on Saturdays via video stream in a Zoom meeting. Team members will also be present in the Zoom meeting so that discussions and practical application of the day’s topics can also be considered online. Next Monday after every school Saturday, there will also be an additional one-hour Zoom meeting in which Martin will be available online to answer questions.

An important part of the Revival School is a mission trip that will take us to Bulgaria and Greece. On the one hand, we will primarily serve among the Roma there. On the other hand, part of this mission trip will follow in the footsteps of Paul, who landed in Greece on his way to Europe. The mission trip is not compulsory, but we highly recommend participation.

The Revival School aims to re-examine the biblical foundation so that we can learn what it means to live as a new creation and walk in the Spirit, free from fear of punishment and with a strong awareness of our identity in Christ.

The focus will be on the following:

Clear teaching about the new covenant in Christ including God’s history with man, especially with regard to the covenants. In this way, misconceptions can be dispelled and life in the freedom of the new covenant can be established.

Intensive examination of the realities of the new creation. In particular, we will look at a life of faith and a walk in the Spirit in order to increasingly implement these qualities in our lives. This also results in the release for ministry in the “supernatural”.

We will also deal with the question of our personal calling and God’s purpose for our lives.
The aim is to help us understand and grasp our own calling more clearly and to take practical steps towards growth.

The (optional) mission trip rounds off the whole thing. We will find out how we can put the things we have learned into practice together.

Paul Manwaring

Member of senior leadership team (in Bethel / Redding)

Seth Fawcet

Head of the Hope-Center Network (Lower Hutt / NZ)

Paul Hopkins

Purefire Ministries, formerly YWAM (UK)

Martin Spreer

Pastor of Hope Church (in Munich / DE)

Participation in the mission is optional, but highly recommended. In the past, it has been shown that the participants in the mission trip have reported particularly positively on how the content taught in the lessons has been put into practice. The experience of living the culture of the Kingdom of God was also repeatedly emphasized.

The trip will take us to Bulgaria. There we will mainly serve among the Roma – one of the most disadvantaged population groups there. We will experience how we can encounter people in very difficult circumstances with the love of Christ and thus encourage them. Of course, in addition to the practical provision of food, prayer for healing is also part of the program.

In addition, we will travel from Bulgaria to Thessaloniki (Greece) in the footsteps of Paul and see some ancient sights along the way. Our “local contact” – an apostolic father in this region – loves to take us into a very vivid history of the NT in this way.

In Thessaloniki, the circumstances are somewhat different – we will also be ministering among the Roma there. Presumably, after we are back in Sofia / Bulgaria, we will have another outreach in a local church there.

During this mission trip, there will be several opportunities to give testimonies or to share short impulses with the local people. All in all, a great experience.

The mission trip will take place from Monday, April 28, 2025 to Monday, May 5, 2025 and will probably cost around 1,200 euros. This includes air travel, local travel, accommodation and meals. However, it is advisable to have some “loose change” with you, as it is not uncommon for us to collect a special blessing for the local people …

Participation in the Revival School is possible on site in Munich and is definitely recommended if it is feasible. Alternatively, participation is possible online. The prices are the same for both options.

Participation in the mission trip is optional.


€ 320,-


€ 580,-

Mission Trip p.P.

approx. € 1.200,-

Until September 15, there is a 20% discount for “Early Birds” on both the single rate and the rate for spouses. Please use the following coupon code when registering: IamEarly

We do not offer payment in installments for administrative reasons, but it may be possible via Paypal or Stripe.

Important: On Tuesday, August 27th at 8:00 pm and on Tuesday, September 10th there will be the opportunity to participate in an information meeting about the Revival School via Zoom. On this occasion we will try to answer questions about the school as best we can. Here you can find the link to both of these Zoom meetings: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/81936977556?pwd=wHvFwy92AvZ3CEbta5o3ywLBu4qXLt.1